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Bloomin has joined Zest making Zest the the leading employee engagement and experience solution on the french market! 🎉


Measure engagement and drive employee experience

Bloomin regularly collects feedback from all employees to help HR departments and managers develop employee engagement.

of employees in France are not engaged

(Source: Étude Gallup 2021)

average annual cost of disengagement per employee

(Source: Étude IBET 2021)

Increase employee engagement

Quickly identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses. Bloomin allows you to take the pulse of your employees’ motivations and expectations in order to develop their commitment and gain in productivity.

Reduce your turnover

By listening to your employees, you can implement concrete actions to meet their expectations. With more involved employees, you reduce your company’s turnover

IcĂ´ne Engagement


Take the pulse of your employees throughout the year on all important and impactful topics.

Analyze quickly

Analyze thousands of comments automatically using our automatic topic detection algorithm.

Take action

Help your managers understand the motivational drivers of their teams and take action by suggesting ways to improve them.

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  • The most engaging and user-friendly interface on the market
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  • An intuitive solution that allows you to move from listening to action
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