Understand why your employees are leaving your company

Human resources departments use feedback from departing employees to better engage and retain their employees.

of laid-off employees share negative opinions about their former employer

(Source: CareerArc 2015)

of respondents would be willing to speak positively about this company around them if their departure went well

(Source: Hays 2021)

Understand the reasons for leaving your company

Do you know the reasons why your candidates apply to your offers? Reveal the reasons why your employees leave your company.

Compare the reasons for leaving and why a candidate sought to join your company.

Define a successful exit process

You have all the information you need to take action to improve your employee departure practices.

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Reduce turnover

By acting on the reasons why your employees leave, you reduce unwanted attrition.

Increase employee engagement

By understanding the reasons why your employees leave, you can better engage your talent.

Improve your employer brand

Maintain a good image with your former employees (Glassdoor, Indeed…).

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