Respond to your employees’ desire for carrer development

Bloomin regularly collects feedback from employees to help HR departments and managers audit their internal employee mobility paths.

of employees stay longer in companies where internal recruitment is high

(Source: Linkedin 2020)

of HR consider internal recruitment to be very important in retaining talents

(source: Linkedin 2021)

Improve internal mobility process

At each stage of the process (information, application, selection, response), measure the feelings of your candidates in internal evolution.

This will give you the qualitative and quantitative data you need to improve your internal mobility process and their experience.

Build loyalty and value for your employees

Understand their expectations. Avoid dissonance between candidates’ motivations and the benefits offered by the company.

Retain top talents by removing all irritants from your internal mobility process.

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Launch surveys quickly

Benefit from the expertise of our teams who have designed models that measure the different key stages of the recruitment process.

Analyse easily

Analyse thousands of comments automatically using our automatic topic measurement algorithm.

Save time

The collection of feedback is digitalized, as is its analysis.

Our automatic topic measurement algorithm saves you time in analysing your learners’ comments.

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