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Bloomin regularly collects feedback to help HR departments and managers retain their talent.

of new recruits make the decision to stay with the company within the first 6 months.

(Source: Workelo 2022)

resignations occur in the first year.

(Source: Workelo 2022)

Discover the factors impacting the integration of a new employee

Quickly identify the strengths and areas for improvement in your onboarding process.

Bloomin helps retain new employees by measuring the gap between their expectations and the reality of the onboarding process.

Accompany your new employees towards autonomy and fulfilment

The aim of integration is to accompany the new employee towards autonomy and to enable him/her to achieve his/her individual and collective objectives.


Take the pulse of your employees throughout the year on all important and impactful issues.

Analyze quickly

Analyse thousands of comments automatically using our automatic topic measurement algorithm.

Take action

Help your managers to understand the motivational levers of their teams and to take action by suggesting courses of action.

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