Create a feedback culture in just a few steps

1. Create an engaging survey, easily.

Adapted to all kind of companies, the back office allows a segmentation of users and administrators according to criteria that makes sense for your organization (jobs, departments, geographic areas, etc.)

Create and plan surveys, anticipate reminders:Create and plan surveys, anticipate reminders:

  • It’s quick with the Bloomin library which contains 200 questions classified by themes.
  • It’s simple with the possibility to edit your surveys (“drag and drop”)
  • It’s customisable with questions made to answer your needs.

2. Employees reply regularly a the blink of an eye!

Thanks to our unique Chatbot, answering surveys becomes quick and engaging for your employees, allowing the best participation rates.

Our survis are conversationnal. It’s fun for your employee to answer, they can use emojis and GIFs. It’s also flexible to fit yours needs: you can choose your own questions and their type (opened or closed, pulse, multiple choice…).

Our experience is based on reciprocal attention: once the survey is completed, all the participants’ answers are shared anonymously.

3. Analyse results for an efficient and targeted reaction

Compare the engagement within your organization over time and evaluate it by:

  • Using the NPS/Bloomin score
  • Comparing the promoters and detractors.
  • Identifying opportunities for engagement by understanding who, how, when and where to engage
  • Leveraging motivation triggers
  • Comparing engagement within your organization, between units
  • Filtering by employee type (seniority, male/female, age, area, role…)
  • Receiving alerts to decide quickly

Management & HR

Track human indicators as you do with the financial ones, easily.



Implement collaborative working conditions within your team and measure its performance in a transparent and benevolent manner.


A platform with many options and easy to use

A platform with many options and easy to use

Start measuring employee experience now!