Regularly analyse your feedback and paint a landscape
of continual improvement with your teams
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vos collaborateurs afin d'améliorer
leur expérience et les performances
de l'entreprise.

Pulse surveys allow you to assess large or small teams and to measure key moments in the employee experience


We help you improve your employee engagement

Make the most of a platform that is adapted to your needs

Be 100% autonomous in a matter of minutes, thanks to our get started kit.

•  Use our templates or start from scratch to create surveys that perfectly match your needs.

Launch your surveys at the right time so they have the best response rate.

Share your results and adapt the transparency level according to your company’s situation.

Display your surveys in your company’s graphic charter (logo, image, colours, etc.).


A fun and implicit response interface

Make people want to answer thanks to social network codes (Gif, emoticons, short and conversational surveys).

Combine varied and measurable response formats for even more accurate perception (Single and multiple choice questions, Stars, 0 to 10 scale, Likert scale, Text, Image/GIF, Open Question etc.)

Reinforce the innovative aspect of your HR communication !


Enjoy easier management thanks to optimized analysis

You can customise the analysis page and share the results exclusively to separate areas in your company.

Involvement, engagement, eNPS… choose the markers you want to monitor.

In the blink of an eye, compare the results of your departments for a more detailed analysis.

Detect sensitive comments thanks to our automatic language analysis system. It warns you so that you never miss important information.


Discover our extensive solution and take action

Help your managers take action thanks to a customisable, company-specific help content.

Track your action plans directly from our platform with automatic reminders and never miss important information.

Export your data in PDF, CSV or via our API to take the analysis even further.

Take action to provide the best possible experience for your employees !

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