With Bloomin 360° feedback, find an easy solution to identify the improvements and strengths of your employees and
help them grow.
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360° feedback allows a complete and collaborative analysis

Help your teams with Feedback 360


A single platform to expand or evaluate your employee base

Engage your employees in a personal growth process by sharing feedback from their peers, managers, teams and partners

Evaluate the results of your teams by collecting feedback from all the players involved

Help your teams with Feedback 360


Help your teams with Feedback 360

A 100% customisable solution :

Integrate specific content on your platform so the feedback fits in with your company’s strategy

Use the templates created by our experts or adapt them to meet your company’s specific needs

Quick and easy: connect our tool to your HRIS so that all the employees to be interviewed are already in the right categories

Set anonymity features according to your company’s policy


An intuitive, easy-to-use solution

Collaborators use our straightforward and intuitive platform with total independence

Employees decide on what to ask thanks to templates and questions written by our experts

The format and frequency of questions are in the hands of collaborators

Help your teams with Feedback 360

Help your teams with Feedback 360

Giving you the means to take simple action

Identify your strengths and opportunities to progress in the blink of an eye

Compare the perceptions of your employees, colleagues, peers, managers and partners for a deeper analysis

Present inspiring content adapted to your situation for each question and find the right levers for action

Reveal and share your action plans to the right people for a follow-up

Take a step up and find out the main skills you need to work on within your company

Take action to provide the best possible experience for your employees !

Have a 360° evaluation of your employees