Slide Regularly analyse your feedback
and paint a landscape of continual
improvement with your teams
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Help your employees improve by getting
the feedback of their peers, managers,
teams and partners Engage them into a
continuous personal growth process
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Maximise the response rate

Involve your employees from the most appropriate medium

Mode d'enquêtes Bloomin


Tablet, mobile, Pc, reach out to all your employees


Available in all languages, the Bloomin platform is deployed in more than 90 countries

Bloomin est présent sur tous les continents


Connect Bloomin to your tools

  • Using our SCIM 2.0 API, simply connect your HRIS to our platform in order to retrieve, update and enrich in real time the data necessary for the proper functioning of your surveys (email, management, seniority, type of contract, etc.)
  • With SSO SAML 2.0, employees can use the same password to connect to their internal applications and the Bloomin platform
  • Export all your data using our API, to cross-reference it with your other business indicators

Protection des données personnelles

We protect your personal data

Security and DPMR at the heart of the data protection strategy

• Bloomin guarantees the anonymity of the data collected (shared results are anonymised)
• Use of the latest security techniques to guarantee the security of your data (intrusion test, encryption etc.)
• Bloomin implements measures to ensure compliance with the RGPD

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